Monday, July 15, 2013

Today, the CityPaper released a story citing a page that provided details that point to Council President Clarke's Daughter and her spouse being arrested for possession with intent to distribute a whopping 176 grams of cocaine.  Furthermore, the Daughter's arrest just "disappeared" from the docket - strings that can only have been pulled through ranking members of the Seth Williams District Attorney's Office.

If this is true, this isn't just unethical politics, it's actual corruption involving the Council leadership and District Attorney. We need checks and balances in local politics, because it is absolutely wrong for the Council President to be this close to a drug dealer and possibly covering up for one.

This is not Detroit, DC, or Baltimore.

We deserve better.

I hope two things can come from this scandal coming to light:
  1. The FBI and US Attorney immediately investigate Clarke and Williams to see if there was illicit intervention into a criminal prosecution, and
  2. That the good, law abiding voters of Philadelphia say ENOUGH and vote for Danny Alvarez for DA and Terry Tracy for Controller to bring in some watchdogs from OUTSIDE the political machine where SO MANY scandals have arose in recent history!
Click here to read the CityPaper story: