Thursday, April 21, 2011

DEBATE: Kelly vs. Canuso (for control of the Philadelphia GOP)

Today, a post on the Philly Decline website described a conversation between conservative talk show host and blogger Aaron Proctor and Joe Eastman where Eastman propsed “a debate regarding the Republican Party in Philadelphia between [Loyal Opposition leader] Kevin Kelly and ["GOP" Chairman] Vito Canuso. Hold it at a neutral site, allow it to be moderated by Larry Mendte, Dom Giordano or anyone else you think might be effective.” 

After hearing Mr. Kelly speak last night, my recent attempt at reasoning with Vito Canuso and Karen Brown, and a discussion with attorney J. Matt Wolfe where I learned that Mr. Canuso was removed from the seat as chairman by order of the State GOP; I can say on behalf of Philadelphians for Ethical Leadership that the public; especially the 12.9% of Philadelphia Residents who are registered Republicans, demand some truthful answers  from Mr. Canuso and Mr. Kelly.

Therefore, Philadelphians for Ethical Leadership; a nonpartisan grassroots watchdog group would like to help make Mr. Eastman's proposal a reality and host a moderated, neutral debate between Vito Canuso (formerly of the Philly GOP) and Kevin Kelly (of the Loyal Opposition).  

  • This debate will be held in a non-political venue with an impartial moderator.  
  • There will be a timekeeper.
  • Each candidate will address a question and have an opportunity to give rebuttal.
  • There will be no interruption.
  • There will be no profanity.
  • All accusations and/or claims MUST be backed with facts that can be checked.
At the outcome of the debate, we hope to be able to resolve (once and for all) the true leadership of the GOP and what direction of the Republican party in Philadelphia will be, so that the city can move toward an ethical two-party system of proper checks and balances.

Please contact Philadelphians for Ethical Leadership if you'd like to be a part of this event.

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