Thursday, May 19, 2011

PETITION: Investigate political corruption & patronage at the PPA

On May 19, 2011; Philadelphians for ethical leadership started a petition to the Criminal Law Division of the Office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General conduct a full field audit and investigation into the Philadelphia Parking Authority and it’s connection to Michael MEEHAN and Vito CANUSO, ESQ., and the “Republican City Committee” (Currently unrecognized by the Pennsylvania GOP):   

On Tuesday, May 17, 2011, in which the primary elections for Philadelphia Municipal Offices was held, numerous members of the Philadelphia press and political activists received independent reports of the following:
§         That numerous members of the Philadelphia Parking Authority were instructed to switch their shifts to the overnight tour of duty and instead of working normal day shifts; to report to polling places and aggressively campaign for Karen BROWN, the candidate in the Republican Mayoral Primary Election backed by the Republican City Committee (RCC), regardless of their personal political beliefs – which may possibly amount to unlawful political activity
§         That this political patronage at the PPA constitutes waste, fraud, and abuse hindering the responsible financial management and performance of the PPA, effects the revenue the PPA is supposed to generate for the Commonwealth and City of Philadelphia, and its stakeholders.

We therefore hope that upon the signing of the petition, that the State Attorney General initiate an investigation into these allegations forthwith.


  1. Ben,

    You may want to follow up with Kralle. Representative O'Brien initiated an investigation a couple years ago but I'm not sure what came of it. See below link.