Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sheriff-elect sues city after being detained by police.

Do you think that it's a conflict of interest for Williams to be suing the city he should be serving?  Furthermore, do you think that Williams identified himself as a former law enforcement officer when he interfered with officer safety procedures?  Don't say you weren't warned, Philly...with the sexual harassment claims and anecdotal evidence of unethical behavior in the state house, should Williams be the man to clean up our elected law enforcement agency? 

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There's something unsaid here that needs to be looked at further by the voters of the city. An ex-cop in good standing usually carries a retired shield or ID and would never step in between an officer and a frisk (as they wouldn't want a fellow cop getting hurt). So why did Williams get between the cops and the suspects to the point where the officers detained him so they could investigate the situation?

Putting myself in this situation, it stinks.

A beat cop wouldn't be in that position, so a four-star law enforcement executive should never have been in the position to be detained in the first place.

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