Friday, January 21, 2011

Grand Jury Report: Lack Of Abortion Clinic Oversight Extraordinary

The problem with agencies that operate under political appointees and advisory boards is that they tend not to operate with the zeal necessary to get the job done.  According to the below-linked story, this appears to have been the situation at the Pennsylvania Medical Board, Department of Health, and Department of State. 

In my experience, State Medical Boards check credentials and issue licenses, but when it comes to investigating complaints, they lack properly trained, equipped, and paid manpower as well as the authority to make sure there is proper oversight for the medical profession.  In my opinion, there is no position necessitating trust and ethical character then doctors.  Why?  They are entrusted to your health when you may need it most.  For years, the medical profession has policed itself, as board certification is 100% voluntary.  This always makes me wonder why anyone would even think about going to a physician that wasn't board-certified. 

Physicians, however, come from an intellectual standpoint of great education and therefore, have a hard time believing that other doctors may be just as crooked as a street criminal or corrupt politician.  This culture results in extremely lenient physician sanctions from medical boards or licensing agencies that, in many cases, have a panel of physicians at their helm. 

So what can be done?  I don't think I'm out of line by having the opinion that physicians should be as accountable as law enforcement officers, commercial drivers, members of the gaming community, and other regulated/licensed professionals operating within our state.  Therefore, I think that there should be a transparent reporting process relating to the handling, investigation, and adjudication of medical board complaints with strong oversight by the state Inspector or Attorney General's Office; who in most states already investigates local medicare/medicaid fraud cases.   

Grand Jury Report: Lack Of Abortion Clinic Oversight Extraordinary

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