Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Interim Sheriff removes four staffers, yet denies knowledge of missing $53 Million

When the Committee of Seventy and several state senators voiced their opposition to Governor Rendell's nomination of Chief Deputy Barbara Deeley, it was because they have seen the 23 year track record of the office and therefore could not trust a ranking insider to clean the office up. Granted, the hiring of former city controller Joe Vignola and the dismissal of four ranking cronies of Sheriff Green is a step in the right direction; but what I find utterly insulting is Sheriff Deeley's adamant claims that she had no idea of the missing $53 Million that is currently under investigation by current controller Alan Butkovitz and other agencies.

I served on a 3,600 member municipal police agency and a 30,000 member federal security agency and I can tell you, having served on the command floor in various assignments, that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that Barbara Deeley, who served as second in command of the under 250-member Sheriff's office, could serve competently for as long as she did and have no knowledge or suspicion of what was happening around the Sheriff sale operations. She was either in on it, looking the other way, or completely asleep at the wheel as Chief Deputy. Either way, she should not be who leads the transformation of the Sheriff's Office into an effective asset forfeiture and public safety agency.

Feel free to learn more by reading the Inquirer story, below:

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