Friday, March 18, 2011

Estelle Richman - wrong choice to oversee PHA?

As the below linked story will tell you, Estelle Richman, Mayor John Street's former Managing Director has been picked by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to oversee the scandal-ridden Philadelphia Housing Authority.

Woman picked to repair PHA is widely respected - Inquirer 3/14/11

While we agree that federal oversight/takeover (HUD) is warranted, appointing ANYONE connected to the prior PHA administration (a former Street & Rendell appointee) would signify a bad start for cleaning up the PHA. While Ms. Richman's resume is quite impressive, it is obvious that Street, Brady, and Rendell still have her number programmed in their phones and that the political experience she comes from is in the very administrations that took part in tainting it.

Remember, as has been discussed in our group, the deterioration of the PHA, Sheriff's Office, Clerk of Quarter Sessions, and City Council have been building up for up to decades and at least the last two, if not Three or Four Mayoral administrations due to a lack of oversight and two-party checks and balances. Whoever we bring in to clean up our municipal government should be a complete outsider, which is NOT beholden to the Philadelphia political "machine".

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