Friday, March 18, 2011

State Auditor General comments on the safety of Philly Schools

When you review the Auditor General's recommendations in the below Inquirer article, you have to wonder why the Philadelphia School Police isn't living up to its potential. When one looks at the School Police, he/she sees a municipal security guard. Philadelphia School Police officers are unarmed and do not enjoy the Act 120 authority that Philadelphia Police Officers haven which makes it hard for them to police an immature urban environment in an era where parenting and family values are at a minimum.

In contrast; Baltimore, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, San Diego, Albuquerque, Indianapolis, San Diego, and various other cities maintain actual School Police Departments; who carry out their own arrests, investigations and protective operations. I think our state Auditor General is on to something, as schools should be a place where students feel safe from the dangers of the street; not a place where young victims are preyed upon by bullies and criminals. Let's turn our school police into, well...police.

State auditor to Philly schools: keep violence monitor -

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