Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Local GOP Candidates Betrayed by the City Committee, All in the Name of the PPA

Today's weekly told a story that many of us have followed outside the media for quite some time. For those of us who often wondered why we have such a poorly run city GOP in Philadelphia, that fails to create checks and balances like clockwork; the below article shows us that it's not an's intentional:

Philadelphia Weekly - Philadelphia Republican Candidates Betrayed by Their Own Party, All in the Name of the PPA

It should OUTRAGE the citizens of this city that we grant $109M to the PPA to have over 1000 employees chasing redundant $35 parking fines when we only give $20M to a corrupt Sheriff who operates a measly 250 deputies who should be collecting tax, bail, and fine revenue at no less than $500 per assignment...who also has to protect the judiciary and transport prisoners as well.

If this city doesn't elect a Giuliani-type outsider (like Featherman could be) to create checks and balances to this 60-year democratic stronghold, then be assured - we are ASSURED to end up like Baltimore, DC, or Detroit; awash in identity politics, devoid of jobs, wrought with crime and starved for professional leadership.

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